Natural Gas Cogeneration Solution in a European Hotel

The PowerLink range of Cogeneration units we sell, are used in multiple sites around the world, with generators located in the UK, Indonesia, Africa and other parts of the world too, across different industries. One of these units is currently being used at a site in Europe to supply power and heat/hot water to a 4-star hotel, which is made up of 20 floors, with a total area of 22,752m2, and during peak hours, energy is provided to a total of 250 guest rooms. With the demand for hot water, three boilers were equipped to provide outputs for heating, catering, washing, and cleaning facilities.

Why have a CHP unit installed in a hotel?

Each year, a hotel can spend a huge amount of money on general utility costs, but with a CHP unit installed running on natural gas, these costs can be cut dramatically, and the hotel will still operate normally, even if there is an electrical power cut to the area.

The installation period of this unit took 15 days, with the main installation work including connecting the pipework for the supply of gas, lining all the cables to supply power, also to the grid and setting up the heat distribution management equipment to ensure the heat is able to reach every corner of the building.

The operation hours of the two units are from 6am to 10pm each day on a typical day and are accounted for by the peak hours where energy is likely to be used the most, with the system automatically shutting down during non-peak hours, but when the unit is off, any need on energy will be coming off the grid.

With the two CHP units installed at this hotel, a minimum of 209 tons of hot water is produced each day for washing and radiator heating, with an output temperature of 85oC, and of course, the heat distribution management system operates to carry water to where it is needed, and the correct temperature out of the taps in each hotel room. Regarding the electricity, 3800KW is provided each day, all supplied to the hotel, and any extra that is produced will be supplied by the grid.

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