60KVA Potise Diesel Generator Set Soundproof,400V, 3Phase: DT60P5S-EU


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Potise diesel generator sets use high performance PowerLink engine, reliable alternator, fully damper windings, stable voltage, low volatility, high quality filtration system, long overhaul period and low maintenance cost.

Design Features

  • Modular and Compacted Design
  • Galvanised Canopy
  • Doubled Bunded Fuel Tank
  • Robust Body Protection
  • Special Soundproofing Material
  • High Quality Colour Coating Process
  • High Resistance To Wear And Tear

The generator set integrates the power system, exhaust system, cooling system, control system, fuel tank, canopied, etc., which realises the stable performance, intelligent operation, safe and reliable of the equipment; Super silent diesel generator set can be used outdoors, with excellent silent, waterproof and dustproof functions, product protection level up to IP23, the control cabinet can reach IP54; The box is made and sprayed with motor vehicle materials. It is beautiful, solid, durable and has high quality silencer and mute material. The noise can be reduced by 20-35dBA. The unit adopts intelligent control system, which can display all operation data.

Super silent diesel generator set is easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain, can be used in industrial sites, power tools, commercial, agricultural, construction sites, banks, hospitals and other places.

Power Link (UK)'s Potise diesel generator sets, built in collaboration with Powerlink, provide high quality, reliable power for a wide range of applications, with a 12-month / 1,000-hour warranty.

Technical Documentation

Specification sheets:

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  • Machine model: DT60P5S-EU
  • PowerLink Engine: 4D4.1TG2
  • Control module: PLC-920
  • 100A main circuit breaker
  • Prime power: 63kVA / 50kW
  • Standby power: 69kVA / 55kW
  • Voltage/current: 400V / 100A
  • Three phase
  • Frequency/revolution: 50Hz/ 1500 RPM
  • Dimensions:3162*1172*1971mm
  • Dry weight: - kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 350L
  • Fuel consumption (100% full load): 14L/h


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