Absolute Polished Concrete - Sydney, NSW, Australia - Gogopower UK

Last month, we sold a 100kVA diesel generator (Dp100c5s-au) to the business owner of Absolute Polished Concrete.

The customer planned to use the diesel generator as a portable generator by attaching it to the back of his truck. He noted that he would haul his truck around and park the truck where he needed to use the generator.

He would then use the diesel generator to power his tools and equipment – to assist in concrete polishing, stone polishing, buffing and other services. The purchasing process was very quick. After a few enquiries, the customer agreed on the price we quoted for the generator.

Within a few days, he came to pick up his new generator!

The great thing was, we had it packed and ready to go. The generator also underwent a Pre-Delivery Inspection to make sure that it was operating correctly. The worst is when you buy expensive machinery that is difficult to transport and you have to bring it back because it doesn’t start up! This is why Gogopower is the preferred retailer for diesel generators.

Our quality of service is unparalleled. When the customer arrived, we loaded it onto his truck for him with our forklift. The customer then screwed the generator onto his truck.

Within minutes he was ready to go.