Roger's Cabins - NT, Australia - Gogopower UK

Roger recently purchased a Diesel Generator Set from Gogopower.

Below is a short interview we had with Roger:

What are you using the Gogopower Diesel Generator for?

The set is used to power the residential and commercial cabins that I own in the Northern Territory.

Currently, my property is powered by Solar power. Although solar is a great source of energy, it is somewhat unreliable for my use case.

When it gets cloudy, and there is a lack of sun, my residential and commercial cabins may experience power outages. This is why I needed a diesel generator set to be purchased and used as back-up power for my main solar system.

How did you find out about Gogopower and why did you choose us?

I initially found Gogopower through a Google Search. I did a lot of extensive research on the different online stores that provide diesel generators.

What I liked about Gogopower was that Gogopower had a great offering, a large variety of gensets and also I found your prices to be unmatched by the market.

You also have a great Kubota range - I always trusted Kubota engines and it was great knowing that all Gogopower Kubota Diesel Generators used genuine parts.

Are you happy with your current purchase with Gogopower?

I cant really say since I have only had it for a couple of months now.

Overall though, I am very happy. The Diesel Generator does everything I need it to do. It is nice and quiet. The weight was good too since it was very portable to lift off my trailer.

What would you tell others who might be considering Gogopower?

Go for it!

Price is far better than other providers. Service is also world class.

I can't recommend Gogopower enough!