Can you be free from power outages with small power-range diesel gensets?

With the advanced development of the social economy, outdoor activities have become more and more frequent, and no matter if working while away or when travelling, people need electricity for their light, the power supply of their equipment and transportation. Will you be anxious about power outages even for a short time?

A small power diesel generator can solve your concerns as it is a type of small and portable diesel generator that can be taken anywhere with the help of a trailer. Here is a brief introduction to what a portable Diesel generator is, what its working principle is, where it can be used, and what its unique advantages are.

What is a small power Diesel generator set?

As we know, there are many types of diesel generator sets, providing a wide range of power ratings, but the small power bracket of diesel generators only provides 10KVA and 100KVA.

The engine within these generators burns diesel, and the chemical energy is converted into rotating mechanical energy, which drives the alternator to rotate, and the alternator rotates to cut the magnetic line of force, thus generating electricity.

The complete generator set is generally composed of a series of components such as a diesel engine, alternator, control box, fuel tank, battery, protection device, emergency cabinet, etc. It can be installed on a trailer or pulley, making it easy to move and use, as shown in Figure 1.

PowerLink WPS80S with the Doors Open

Where is the small power diesel generator set used?

Small-power Diesel generators can be used in any scenario where electricity is needed to run a small number of appliances. While canopy diesel generator units ranging from 10kva and up can be used in large electric fields such as mines, large RVs, construction sites, and shopping malls, portable power diesel gensets, (power output ≤100KW) can meet the electricity needs of camping, motorhomes, food trucks, or any other limited electrical needs.  

How Can Canopy Diesel Generators Be Used In Residential Areas?

In general, emergency small power diesel generator sets should be equipped in commercial places such as small supermarkets and small hotels, where the power supply is tight. Nowadays, in certain parts of the world urban residential communities are experiencing more and more power failures, resulting in new communities having begun to configure emergency small-power diesel generator sets to prevent power failure in the area’s infrastructure, we would recommend these areas also have an  ATS (automatic transfer switch) control cabinet installed with the generator. With there being different-sized residential areas worldwide, PowerLink has developed multiple series of emergency diesel generator sets ranging from 10 to 1000KVA such as their QSV-MK, QSV-MC, QSV-MP, WPS and other series.

According to the electricity consumption, the load can be classified into two levels:

  1. Lighting, small operation units and corridor lighting electricity in high-rise residential buildings, electricity for weak current machine rooms, fire control rooms, security systems, electricity for passenger elevators, electricity for sewage pumps, domestic water pumps, fire protection electricity, garage electricity, etc. are classified as Level 2 or above loads.
  2. other larger loads are Level III loads.

In case of municipal power failure, the emergency diesel generator set shall provide power support for loads above Level II.

When the mains power is cut off, a generator would activate its emergency start procedure to generate electricity, but at this time, there is also a problem with power switching, which needs to be completed through the control system. After receiving the signal of a mains power outage, the control system sends a power-on signal to the ATS (automatic transfer switch) control cabinet through the ATS communication line, which when received, the ATS control cabinet sends a signal to cut off the external mains power switch and also sends a signal to close the generator set end switch to begin the emergency power supply action.

PowerLink WPRS units Installed at a Data Centre

Application of portable diesel generators in tourism and other places.

While canopied generators are used to power residential areas, portable generators are used to meet the electricity needs of camping, travelling, motor homes electrical supply and other aspects for their small and portable characteristics with the power demand of a single unit generally within 100KVA. If your motorhome is air-conditioned, 10,000 BTU of AC needs at least 3,000W, and if you have more electrical appliances on the motorhome, this requires more power generation from the diesel generator.

Canopy Diesel Generator Sets for Construction Sites

Site application scenarios vary greatly and we need to consider the peak load of the site tools when choosing the portable diesel generator sets. Several power tools starting at the same time require a high peak load.

For most of the site selections of generators tend to be more than 5KW., while for electric drills and other types of tools, 3KW power basically meets the needs. If you use high-power tools, such as Angle grinders, etc., choosing a generator with a higher power output will be a must.




What are the significant advantages?

More and more people like to use small power Diesel generators, so what are its outstanding advantages in people's favor?

  • Low operating costs and high cost-effectiveness.
  • Small size, lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • Quick start-up to meet timely electricity demand.
  • Stable operation, safe and reliable.
  • Small space-taking.
  • Can be used as an emergency backup power supply.
  • Low noise pollution.
  • Wide range of application scenarios.



The small-power diesel generator set has been widely used because of its small size, reliable operation, low operating cost, emergency stop and emergency use. There are more and more portable diesel generator application scenarios, ranging from mines and factories to family stores and other places. If you have a small power Diesel generator, are you still worried about not having power?

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