Why is it important to have a generator serviced?

Like any engine, generators do require a routine service and maintenance check to ensure it performs at its optimal level. Like cars, generators have a recommended time when a service is carried out, which is determined by the number of hours it has run for prime power generators, while standby power generators would require a routine maintenance check every couple of weeks to ensure the generator is ready to operate when required.

As a rule, generators require minor and major services on a regular basis, but this schedule may alter due to environmental conditions. For example, if a generator is in a dusty area, the air filters of the generator can become clogged up and would require to be cleaned earlier than the recommended 500 hours.

What is included in a minor Service?

Within a minor generator service, numerous parts of the generator are checked which include:

  • Checking oil and fuel levels, this may involve topping up the oil of the generator.
  • Inspect all major and minor components for any damage.
  • Inspect the controller to ensure there are no electrical faults with the unit.
  • Clean any parts of the generator that are stopping the generator from running at an optimal level, i.e., air filters.
  • Inspect components of the engine to see if they require changing i.e. spark plugs.

These sections are all crucial to the generator’s optimal running and if one of these sections isn’t thoroughly checked this can result in the generator’s life span decreasing.

Minor Service to Diesel Generator?

What is included in a major service?

For a major service, this entails major parts of the generator being replaced as they may have reached the end of their life cycle. These parts can include:

  • Air Filters
  • Oil Filters
  • Walter Separator units

Each of these parts is of great importance to the generator and is crucial to the general operation of the generator. It is of the utmost importance for these parts to be replaced on a regular basis.

Major Service on a Gas Generator

How do I know when I should have a minor or major service?

Minor services can take place every 6 months or every 400 – 500 hours depending on how much the generator is used. If the generator is used as a prime power source it would be preferable for the generator to be serviced every 400 hours to ensure that generator is performing at its highest level, while a standby generator should have a minor service carried out every 500 hours, due to it not being used on a regular service, it is important though to check the generator on a regular basis to ensure it is in a fully operational state at all times, just in case it is required.

For a major service, this should be conducted every 2000 hours with the parts mentioned previously replaced, this would be the same for both prime and standby generators. It is important though for minor services to be carried out on the generator up to the 2000 hours limit as well.

Inspection on a Gas Generator

How can Gogopower Help me get my generator serviced?

To our customers, we can provide a generator maintenance plan and are able to plan both a standard and a customised plan to suit all our customer’s needs. Both options are available to provide service options on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, with each option able to ensure our customers don’t experience major downtime of their generator and ensure it is able to run at its optimum level at all times.

For more information on our after-sales service options, click on the link below.