Conducting Maintenance on a Tier 3 Generator

The maintenance of our T3 Generator Set is mainly for filters, cooling, liquid, and oil tank. Before conducting any maintenance, ensure the generator has been shut down and cooled for more than 2 minutes to avoid any burns. Turn off the red negative switch attached to the battery to avoid misoperation.

The replacement cycle of oil, oil filter and diesel filter are 500 hours, and that of air filter is 1000 hours. T3 Generator sets are provided with at least one coarse filter and one fine filter. Wastewater must be discharged after every time use, after a single use of more than 8 hours, the waste water must be discharged every 8 hours. Put a container under the filter to hold water and unscrew the bottom knob below. When you need to replace the filter, after draining the wastewater, use a special wrench tool to remove the cup and the filter.

Oil Filter

Before replacing the oil filter, ensure the oil has been drained from the filter. Place a container under the oil drain port located on the outside of the genset. The oil will flow out when the bolt and ball valve have been loosened. Then press the drain pump to prevent oil remains using the lever principle. When the oil is all out, replace the oil filter the same way as the diesel filter. After the Oil filter has been replaced, pour new oil into the other two oil inlets and take out the scale to check the oil capacity.

Air Filter

The air filter is located on top of the radiator. Firstly, unscrew the knob to remove the shell the remove the filter element. Replace the filter element and reassemble the air filter.


The maintenance period of the coolant is two years. Place a container under the coolant outlet located outside the genset, turn the bolt and open the ball valve at the bottom of the radiator. The coolant will flow out by itself.

Oil Tank

The maintenance period of the oil tank is two years. The air compressor should be connected to the oil port to clean the inside, and the residue and waste oil are discharged together from the oil outlet.

This is the whole process about maintenance of T3 Diesel generator set, do remember to cut off the power before operation.