Our Line of Gas Generators

We are proud to be distributors of PowerLinks collection of gas cogeneration units to our customers around the world. Since 2012, PowerLink have been developing their Gas cogeneration range and we are now proud to provide customers with the choice of biogas, natural gas CHP generators available for purchase. Each one of their gas gensets has been designed for a specific industry, with biogas cogeneration units being built to be used on landfill sites as well as within anaerobic digestion plants; natural gas cogeneration gensets are made for commercial sites and provide electricity and heat with economic benefits due to the low price of natural gas, and their Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators are built to produce power which is cheaper than that of the national grid and also provide heating and hot water as a by-product of the power generation process. The main benefits that these different CHP units have in common is how cost effective they are to run, and the overall reliability and efficiency of the generator’s lifetime.

With an available CHP power range of 10KW – 2000KW, our customers are able to find the perfect gas generator for their needs.

For more information about our gas generators, please click on the link below, or alternatively please email info@gogopower.co.kuk