Gogopower's Certified Engine Partners

At Gogopower, we only partner with the brands we trust. We supply the best products so that you can rest assured that you’ll always have power when and where you need it. Our Potise products are powered by big brands such as PowerLink, Kubota and Cummins.

With many diesel generator manufacturers in the market, it is important to be aware of the components that are used in the genset you are considering purchasing. We are committed to providing our customers with quality, cost effective energy generation solutions. That’s why each Gogopower diesel generator is backed by with a certificate of authorisation from the engine manufacturer, ensuring you have a high performance and reliable genset for many years to come.

Each branded engine partner has granted Gogopower with certification, so let’s take a closer look at our reputable brand partners so you know exactly what’s under the canopy of your diesel generator.

Powered by Kubota

Kubota is known as one of the world’s highest performing and reliable diesel engine manufacturers and has been in operation since 1922.

All Kubota engines used in Gogopower diesel generators are manufactured by Kubota and imported directly from Japan. Mainly used in our smaller diesel generators, from 6.6kVA to 45kVA, you are guaranteed a reliable workhorse if you choose a Kubota powered diesel generator.


Powered by Cummins

Cummins is a global leader in manufacturing efficient and durable engines. Cummins engines can be found across many applications including heavy machinery, power generation equipment and marine vehicles.

Being a global brand, Cummins has manufacturing facilities in India, the United Kingdom, the United States and China. All engines used in Cummins powered diesel generators are manufactured in China. Our Powered by Cummins diesel generators range from 43kVA to 1000kVA and by incorporating Cummins engines into our diesel generators, you can rest assured that your genset will achieve maximum reliability and performance.


Powered by PowerLink

PowerLink is world leader in the engine driven energy equipment industry and has been for more than 20 years. Established in 2001, PowerLink has over 90,000 products in operation globally.

As the top tier diesel engine manufacturer in China, PowerLink has manufacturing facilities in China and the United Kingdom and invests significantly in research and development to ensure that all Powered by PowerLink diesel generators are cost effective, efficient, and reliable.



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Knowledge is power and by knowing what’s inside the diesel generator you're looking at, you can feel more comfortable about its performance and lifespan.

If you would like to know more about our certified branded engine partners, give us a call on 01977 689100. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.