How to break in your generator

So, you have purchased your generator and now want to start using it. But did you know that there are a few things you need to complete before you put your genset to work.

Before generators can be used regularly, they need to be prepared, just like any engine. This is critical for maximising your generator's life.

  1. Read the operation manual first

This is the most important step in breaking in your new generator. By following the instruction manual, you will understand the specific needs of your genset and prevent you from doing something that could void the warranty.

  1. Perform a pre-start check

Before you start your generator, you need to check that everything is in the right place. Check all hoses, fuel lines, and sockets making sure they are free from obstructions and leaks.

  1. Inspect the fuel/water separator

Check that the fuel/water separator is clean and there is no water in the fuel tank. This step is critical. If water leaks into the fuel tank, it removes the lubrication from the diesel within the engine, possibly causing corrosion and rust.

  1. Check the safety features to ensure they are working efficiently

The safety features you need to check are the coolant temperature, coolant level, oil pressure sensor and e-stop button.

  1. Check the engine oil is within the limit

Make sure the amount of engine oil within your diesel genset is within the limit. Too much engine oil in your genset could possibly cause choking. All Gogopower diesel gensets use 15W4D engine oil.

  1. Only use the recommended fuel

Your diesel genset can use any brand of diesel fuel but biodiesel cannot be used.

Once you have completed the following steps, we recommend running your genset at 60% to 100% continuous load for the first 100 hours.

Regular servicing

To maintain your genset’s performance, regular maintenance is crucial. We recommend servicing your Gogopower diesel generator every 500 hours to ensure it is in tip top condition. Just like a car service, a diesel generator service includes replacing important filters so that your genset continues to run efficiently.

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