What is a Cogeneration Unit?

What is a Cogeneration unit?

A Cogeneration unit is a generator that produces two forms of energy from one fuel source. For example, a diesel generator produces electrical power as the primary energy source and can waste heat as the secondary energy source, while a cogeneration unit will produce heat and power with is then fed through to a property.

What are the applications of a Cogeneration unit?

In our experience, cogeneration units can be applied to different areas of society. PowerLink Gas cogeneration units have been used at hotels, shopping centres, energy plants, leisure centres, agricultural properties, and domestic properties since they were first added to the market and have been used worldwide. In all of these locations, it is important to note that heat and power are required constantly with aspect being used constantly throughout the year.

What are the benefits of a Cogeneration unit?

Cogeneration or CHP (combined heat and power) is one of the worlds leading technological advancements for achieving fuel efficiency, with our range of gas cogeneration units providing an energy efficiency rating of up to 95.5%. With the growing concerns of the carbon dioxide emissions affecting the plant, the cogeneration units we provide run on natural gas, biogas or LPG which compared to diesel saves around 200 million tonnes of CO2 and come from renewable energy sources. By using a cogeneration unit to provide heat and power to your property, you can also save money on your gas and energy bills due to the average cost of natural gas, biogas or LPG being drastically lower than energy and heat from the grid.

How can I find out more about Cogeneration units?

For more information on our range of cogeneration units, you can contact our team by calling 01977689100 or by email info@gogopower.co.uk