Our Pre-delivery checks

We take great pride on all our generators.

This is why every single generator that leaves our warehouse undergoes a rigorous Pre-Delivery Inspection, to ensure our products are without fault and ensure a great experience when used by our customers.

Part of our basic Pre-delivery inspection involves our team checking the following:

  1. The customer is receiving the product in its best form
  2. All sockets are working properly if customer had ordered them
  3. There are no leakages
  4. All working parts function correctly
  5. Doing all the individual parts necessary check

But at Gogopower, we don’t just check the basics of a generator, and we make sure to thoroughly check all components of our diesel and gas generators.

A diesel or gas generator does not leave unless it complies with all aspects of our PDI forms.

Our component check includes but is not limited to:

  1. Lubrication and Oil
  2. Filters (Oil, Air, Fuel)
  3. Oil Level Switch
  4. Circuit Breakers and RCD’s
  5. Battery and Cables
  6. Engine and Alternator
  7. Control Panel
  8. Fuel tanks
  9. Emergency Stop button
  10. 15-20 minutes Continuous Running.

If any part of the generator is found to be damaged or missing, it will be coordinated with the After-Sales service team who will manage to provide spare parts and will discuss with customers the methods of which the part will be replaced.

Once the PDI of our generators have been performed successfully, the unit will be wrapped up by our team for pickup/ delivery.

 For more information about the generators we provide, email our team using the address below.