What is a Gas Generator?

What is a gas generator?

A gas generator is a type of genset that runs on gas rather than conventional choices of fuel like diesel or petrol. With gas generators there are 2 main types of gas can be used to “fuel” the genset, natural gas or biogas, with each option being a more environmentally friendly when compared to diesel or petrol.

What can gas generators be used for?
Gas generators can be used for the exact same purposes as diesel generators, the only really difference between the two is what is used to fuel them. Gas generators are more than capable to provide power to hospitals, office buildings, leisure centres, shopping centres, agricultural facilities or domestic properties, and are also cheaper to run than diesel generators due to the cost difference of gases to diesel. A gas generator can also be used to function as either a prime or standby generator for a property and is arguably better than a diesel generator as the gas lines would be located underground, away from any outside interference, and the gas feeding the generator doesn’t deteriorate over time like diesel would.

Is a gas generator environmentally friendly?

Gas generators are a more environmentally friendly option when compared to diesel generators due to the levels of carbon dioxide they produce, and also provide less noise pollution. And helping the environment doesn’t just occur from what the generator produces, as the gas to fuel the generator is transported through pipes rather than requiring any vehicles to transport it to its destination which in turn helps reduces the chances of carbon monoxide or particulate gases entering the environment.

What housing options are available for gas generators?

Our line of gas generators is available in three different housing options, each one suitable for different customers. For customers that have a dedicated space within a building, an open set could be the perfect option, alternatively a canopy set can be used as well. Or if the generator needs to be stored outside, again a canopy option would be suitable or a container housing would also work well for the customer. By speaking with a member of our team, we will be able to advise you in what is the best housing option for your generator.

How can I find our more information about gas generators?

For more information about our gas generators, contact our team by calling 01977689100 or email us info@gogopower.co.uk