Generators in Agriculture

Farm Generators For Agriculture Purposes

The agriculture industry is an important aspect of British culture, and effects our day to day lives in more ways that we know. To ensure farms produce healthy crops and livestock and remain in operation, agricultural businesses require a dependable supply of electricity. That’s why backup farm generators are vital.

If you are a farmer, you know how essential an uninterrupted electrical supply is to support your livelihood. Continuous electrical power is mandatory, especially in today’s increasingly automated agricultural world, as well as energy bills from the national grid are rising.

The Risk Farms Face with Power Blackouts in the UK

With the discussions of power cuts being rolled out across the UK, it is now more important than ever to ensure your farm has a continuous power supply, with many farms around the country depending on an immense electrical power supply due to the automated systems used to keep production running. Because automated agricultural systems are so crucial to a farms business functions, it’s never been more necessary to have a generator for your electrical supply.

A modern automated farm can’t allow their electricity supply to be interrupted. Even short term electrical outages can create repercussions for livestock and produce survival. Although automation has improved almost every farming process, high technology has created a reliance of electricity for the modern agricultural industry.

Fortunately, there’s a proven solution to this problem, in which you can easily protect yourself and your business from the electrical stoppage vulnerability by incorporating a generator into your farm’s infrastructure. A backup generator lets you continue regular operations while waiting to tie back into the communal grid. 

What Can Generators Be Used For on a Farm

Backup power generators are necessary for farms and other businesses involved in agricultural production. Investing in a backup farm generator is just as critical as carrying general insurance policies that cover farm buildings, production equipment, and living assets, while alternatively, investing in a generator to run the farm from can provide a large financial saving through compared to using electricity from the grid.

With the potential of electrical blackouts to be rolled out nation wide over the next coming months and energy bills rising, it is probably more important than ever to consider investing in a generator for Prime or standby electrical outputs. When comparing overall figures, gas and diesel can save customers money through the years due to their current costs, as on average bills can be slashed by half when using generator as an electrical supply rather than using the electrical grid. As Well as this, by using a CHP generator, customer can also save money on their heating bills, due to these generators providing heat and electricity for a property.

Does My Farm Need a Generator?

Your farm will benefit from a generator whether you’re on or off the electrical grid. If you are a large capacity farmer who depends on a commercial electrical supply for mainstay power, you may still need a backup generator if the electricity blackout rules are to be put into effect in the UK.

The same applies if you’re a smaller scale farmer making a living off the grid. A Prime powered or standby power genset will be able to help your farm run from day to day and provide a substantial cost saving when compared to running electricity form the grid.

There’s a lot at stake for all farmers with the potential blackouts and energy bills increasing as this will of course affect the overall financial situation for the farms. With this in mind, a generator is definitely worth a consideration for any agricultural property.

Choosing The Right Generator For Agricultural Purpose

If you are unsure about what is the best generator for your farm, speaking with a member of our team should be able to help ensure you have selected the best possible option as per the needs you require from the generator. Our team will be able to guide you and explain in detail the difference of diesel and gas generators, the available power outputs of the generators, and the best way to facilitate a generator at your farm, dependant on if the model is an open set, canopy or containerised genset.

To speak with our team to discuss generators for agriculture further, simply call our office on 01977689100 or email our team