What is a Standby Generator?

Standby diesel generators are a backup power option that are used by businesses and by domestic properties to ensure their property is never without power. Not used as a main power source, standby generators is a unit housed by a property to provide power upon a power cut, and is capable to run for days on either diesel or natural gas when required.

Diesel Generators

All the diesel generators we provide come with a fuel tank fitted in the base of the generator and are available with a number of different engine and alternator options and can be used as either standby or prime power supply, so it really is no problem for us to provide our customers with a standby generator of their choice.

Natural Gas Generators

For natural gas generators, these would require to be connected directly into a natural gas pipeline, meaning you wouldn’t need to worry about filling the generators as it will always have a constant line of “fuel” to it as long as the main utility line is working.

How do Standby generators work?

Stand by generators require to be fitted to a Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), which upon the main power source cutting, the stand by generator will activate and providing power to the property. When power is reconnected to the property, the ATS unit will prompt the generator to shut down and will then reconnect the property to the main power grid.

For more information about our standby units, simply contact our team, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.